We have tried to answer the most common questions, that we are asked on a regular basis.  This will help you make a decision to join Elland Rifle & Pistol Club.

1) How do I visit the club? Contact the club for full details of the joining process and to be given directions to the club's range.

2) What is the minimum age limit for joining the club?  We don't have a minimum age for joining the club.

3) How do I become a member? You pay your joining fee, and attend as a probationary member for a minimum period of 3 - 6 months. Your application to join as a full member will then be submitted to the committee for consideration.

4) How much is the joining fee? The joining fee is currently  £50 for an adult, and £25 for a junior.  The joining fee is deducted from the membership fee if completed in the same year.

5) What is the current annual membership fee?   £210 for adults,  £50 for junior membership. Our junior rate continues while a shooter is in full-time education.

6) When are the annual subscriptions due? The subs run from the Annual General Meeting. There is a proportional reduction from joining, dependent on how many months have elapsed since the start of the probationary period.

7) Can you store my gun for me at the range as I do not want to have it in the house?  The short answer is no.

8) Can women participate without disadvantage? Yes, very definitely since strength is not a major issue.

9) Are women welcome to join the Club? Yes, we encourage ladies to come and have a go in all disciplines.

10) What will be a bar to obtaining a Firearms Certificate? Any criminal conviction involving violence or the use of firearms. Some minor offences lapse after the passage of a few years and a Firearms Certificate can then be granted. Note that it is absolutely necessary that you declare any convictions of any sort to us when coming to the Club to shoot, even as a visitor.

11) Who owns the Club? The members. It is a social organisation that is run by the members and for the members. It is not a commercial organisation in any way and is definitely not a profit making organisation at all.

12) Where is the Club located? Rear Pattern Shop, Rosemount Estate, Elland HX5 0EE. See the map.

13) How do I contact the Club? Either by telephone on: 01422 311997 (during range opening hours only), or preferably by email. You can also make contact with the club via facebook.  

14) Are there set times for each discipline? The range has set opening times, and disciplines do not have set times. Note: No shooting shall take place unless there be at least two full members of the Club present, one of whom must have been a member of the Club for at least one year and be a deputised Range Officer.

15) Is target shooting an anti-social sport? No, not at all. Neither unfortunately is it a spectator sport and this does mean that it has a relatively low profile, compared, say to cricket. This has the effect of making it a somewhat 'invisible' pastime.

Frequently Asked Questions